Women in the Mirror

Jealousy.... It has a way of tearing people apart and forcing space between family, friends and even strangers. One thing that really stands out to me is the level jealousy felt and given amongst African American women. Now, I have even found myself doing it. I catch myself all the time comparing the curves, the... Continue Reading →

Crying Out

My heart hurts for my people. My soul feels helpless, empty. I feel empty. You would think that after all these years and after so much bloodshed that this country, these people would understand. But, in all honesty, my concern is no longer for them and their understanding; my concern is simply for the longevity... Continue Reading →


She had to face herself. She could no longer hide, no longer run. Nothing could save her but herself. She was the answer. She was always the answer. She had to stop running from who she use to be and face who she was, so she could become who she was destined to be. She... Continue Reading →

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