First blog post

I have always found myself drawn to writing even as a young child. Maybe, I have always found myself in writing. My mother was an English teacher and I always admired how she could captivate an entire room with her words. My mother had this deep, rich natural texture about her voice that seemed to carry you through each word that rolled off her lips and I wanted to be her. Still, till this day I strive to be a strong, humbled graceful woman just like my mother was. I miss her dearly.


When I first decided to start blogging I was completely lost at what I would say, or would people be interested in even reading what I had to say. So, I put it off for almost a year. Just recently I decided that life is simply about chances and if I want to find and live my purpose then I must start by taking a chance. I am not sure who my words will reach but I do know that I am willing to step out on faith and dive into this journey of self-discovery. I am hoping you are willing and ready to go on this journey with me.


-Andriana Deane`

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