A Song for Solidarity

If we raise our voices then they might hear our cry for equality the pain in our tears.

For the voice of one might rattle a few, but the voice of us all now that will do.

The work of our ancestors is evident today, but the work must continue if we want to win this rugged race.

We may grow tired and weary, but our revolution is so close. If we hold on just a little longer our prayers will be answered to our hopes.

For our fight gives way to our right to be who we are. To stand on just ground and look back and see how far.

How far we have come so let freedom ring. To hold hands and stand for equality and allow our tears to sing.

For the burden that we carry is not being young and black. It’s being young and black in a society that refuses to see past that.

Though, the change must first happen in our own realm of life, if not, then how can we demand society to give us these rights.

If we continue to destroy our community as a whole, then America will never see the purity and strength of our soul.

So, let’s raise our voices so they will hear the solidarity of our people, our generation because our time for revolution, for freedom, is here!  


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