A Love Letter of Letters

A Love Letter of Love Letters



I’ve loved before, I mean a million times it seems. But I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. I’ve never craved anyone the way I crave you. I can sense your presence before you even walk through the door. I feel you, deeply within my being; you live and I, I love. I never imagined something so pure and beautiful; intense but deadly and disastrous all intertwined at the same time. I guess I shouldn’t be heartbroken but maybe, just maybe I should be lucky. Lucky to have been blessed with the experience of you. Lucky to know that I am capable of love. Real, passionate and unconditional love. See I desire nothing else from you but to love you. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not as fucked up as I initially suspected. Maybe on some far away planet at a different time, just maybe there would have been a chance for us. But life cannot be made up of maybes. The uncertainty is too much to bare. The only thing that’s real, that’s unquestionable is that I loved you and I gave you the best parts of me. I loved you the best way I knew how and for that I can smile. 



The Girl That Wanted to Love YOU


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