The Choice is Always Yours!


“I’ve had choices since the day that I was born There were voices that told me right from wrong If I had listened, no I wouldn’t be here today Living and dying with the choices I’ve made” – George Jones

At some point in our lives we all come to a crossroads. Where we must make the definitive decision to either remain the same or have the courage to change. Now that crossroads is different for each unique individual. It arrives at different times and all our lives. Even for the ones of us who choose to avoid or ignore that crossroad is inevitable deciding. The beautiful thing about this crossroad is that it was ours, it was designed for us individually and because it is ours it will always be right there; one choice away. Whether you make that decision the first moment you encounter your crossroad or whether it takes you years to decide what decision you want to make the important part is that you make that decision and you press forward. Always knowing, always remembering that the decision is yours, you can change course at any time, but you must want it. Sometimes, and this is the beauty of it, is sometimes making the wrong decision helps define the right one that we choose once we approach that crossroad. So, going forward embrace who you are right now. Put serious weight into who you want to be, because one day you will have to make that decision and you alone will have to stand with it. The choice is always yours.

The Royal Room

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