My name is Andriana Deane` Edwards, I am twenty-nine years old and originally from Franklinton, Louisiana. I have obtained my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and I am currently working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Last year, I founded the organization “The Change”, which is a non-profit aimed towards the reconstruction and clean-up of the African American homeless community here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

For years, I always imagined that I would be a professional dancer but life had a different course for me. Though I am passionate about the art of dance, I have come to learn that my true purpose in life is writing and using my words to help uplift and connect people. I have decided to dedicate my time and energy into creating a space where black people can come and engage in topics they can relate too. The beginning of this journey is very important because I am embarking on a mission of self-discovery and black unity. I am excited that you have decided to partake on this journey with me as we work together to create solidarity, unity, and freedom for our people.

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